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SCIFIT StepOne™ Recumbent Stepper

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StepOne provides a smooth, total body functional movement. It features low starting resistance, direct wheelchair access, adjustable arm length and handle angle, customizable programs and documentation to help users reach their goals.

  • User defined stride length from 2" to 11.5" with Intelli-Stride feedback for safe progressions
  • Arm-to-leg movement encourages ADLs like climbing stairs
  • Low starting resistance (6 watts) with 20 levels, adjustable in .1 increments, providing 191 levels of resistance.
  • Direct wheelchair access along with step-through seating and grab bar allow for easy on and off.
  • Arm length adjustments and rotating hand grips provide user comfort and custom fit.
  • Small footprint along with integrated transport handle and wheels allow for easy placement.
  • Full color touch screen with easy operation displays exercise readouts beneficial for users and clinicians (ex. stride length, ascent, watts, METs).
  • Premium, standard and bariatric seat options.

More Information

More Information

Smooth, linear movement with start and stop motion
Low starting resistance 6 watts
Resistance range 191 levels of resistance - 20 levels adjustable in .1 increments
Neutral starting position Pedals always come back to neutral starting position for easier entry and start up. Allows for entry from both sides.
Arm to leg movement ratio 1:1 Natural arm-to-leg movement ratio. Patterning similar to walking or climbing
User-defined range of motion 2” to 11.5” step length.
Comfortable, ergonomic body position Yes
Total body workout Yes
Large flywheel Increased kinetic energy and smooth stepping motion.
Small footprint 5” shorter than other leading recumbent steppers.
Easy to transport Integrated transport handle and wheels.
Heart rate monitoring Telemetric (chest strap required)
Quiet belt drive Yes


Direct wheelchair access Seat slides off easily for direct wheelchair access. ADA compliant.
Easy patient transfer Adjustable swivel seat sits on a flat horizontal monorail and provides easy
patient transfer.
Step-through seating True adjustable step-through design, allows all users full access and ease of
Step-through height 2”
Grab bar Integrated for easy entry and support.
Premium seat Seat adjusts up/down, forward/back, swivels and reclines
Removable seat Seat removes easily without hardware for direct wheelchair access
360° Therapist Assist Pedals Adjust the seat forward and back from any point around the machine
Seat recline Recline to any point within a 23 degree range
Seat swivel 360 degree swivel that locks at each 90 degrees for safety
Seat height adjustment Select seat height anywhere from 18.5”-23”
Seat removal handle Integrated handle on seat back makes it easy to remove the seat
Accessible adjustment levers Reach all adjustment levers from both sides of the seat
Zero-sloping forward/back seat adjustment Adjust forward and back on a level monorail for optimum control and safe
StepOne™ Recumbent Stepper Product Specifications Order Code: SONEØ3
Arm length adjustment Adjust length of arms within a 12” range.
60 degree hand grip rotation Position handles anywhere within the 60 degrees of hand grip rotation.
Non-absorbent, chemical resistant hand grips Easy to clean, durable, made from 100% recyclable material.
Easy adjustment levers

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