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  1. Row HX Trainer

    Row HX Trainer

    The Row HX Trainer is perfect for a low-impact, total-body workout at home. Its beautiful design makes it a great addition to any room.
  2. Row GX™ Trainer Water Rower

    Row GX™ Trainer Water Rower

    The versatile Life Fitness Row GX Trainer provides an effective low-impact, total-body home workout for exercisers of all fitness levels. The Row GX is easy to move and stands up for convenient storage.
  3. Hydro Rower Pro

    Hydro Rower Pro

    The Cybex Hydro Rower is the ideal solution for a total-body, non-impact workout from the comfort of your home.
  4. Apollo Hybrid AR Indoor Rower

    Apollo Hybrid AR Indoor Rower

    The Apollo Hybrid AR Indoor Rower is a favourite pick for the home gym. Featuring the highest quality, hand lacquered American Ash, and the strength and integrity of a steel frame – it offers both good looking form and high performing function. Whatever your exercise goals, you will appreciate the realistic on-water rowing emulation of the Apollo Hybrid AR Indoor Rower. FDF’s patented Variable Fluid Resistance technology enables you to move from feather light weight to Olympic challenge at the turn of a dial. There’s no dead spots – experience consistency of resistance, with instant catch throughout the entire stroke.
  5. Apollo Plus Black Indoor Rower

    Apollo Plus Black Indoor Rower

    The Apollo Plus Black indoor rower is a stylish home gym favourite. Complete with a hand lacquered American Ash black finish, this indoor rower offers the strength and durability of a steel frame and the assurance of a double sealed, precision aligned tank shell. Rapidly improve your cardio fitness and strength with the extensive range of water resistance offered by this reliable indoor rower. Manually select and adjust resistance levels with a conveniently audible, tactile selector dial for a more accurate and consistent workout. Offering 15% greater resistance than standard FDF horizontal models, experience the impressive Fluid Force technology and its ability to emulate the site, sound, and feel of on-water rowing. Perfect for any individual at any fitness level, the Apollo Plus Black indoor rower is easy to transport and stores away vertically for convenience.
  6. Apollo AR Black Indoor Rower

    Apollo AR Black Indoor Rower

    If you are looking to rapidly improve cardio fitness and strength you will appreciate the range of water resistance offered by the Apollo AR Black Indoor Rower. This water rower features the highest quality, hand lacquered American Ash with the strength and integrity of a steel frame, and a multi-level computer with USB connectivity to motivate movement and monitor progress. Designed with FDF’s patented water resistance rowing technology to emulate the sight, sound and feel of on-water rowing, you will appreciate the consistency of resistance throughout the entire stroke and ease of changing levels mid-workout. Powered by a triple bladed impeller, this indoor rower is incredibly quiet with a smooth action. Perfect for all fitness levels, this indoor water resistance rower is easy to transport and stores compactly on its end. You won’t find a better combination of design, value and performance – once you go black you won’t go back.
  7. Apollo PRO

    Apollo PRO

  8. Apollo Pro V Indoor Rower

    Apollo Pro V Indoor Rower

    Whether placed in a commercial or quality home studio, this rugged indoor rower never disappoints. Guaranteed to enhance any grand environment, Apollo Pro V indoor rower is complete with a hand lacquered American Ash woodgrain finish. Flawlessly reproducing the natural catch and consistent resistance of on-water rowing, Apollo Pro V packs a punch with 15% greater resistance than standard Horizontal models – the perfect rower for solid progression no matter the fitness ability. Offering smart device connectivity, Apollo Pro V indoor rower features FDF’s Bluetooth auto-adjust technology automatically correlating the chosen tank resistance with the console display for more a more accurate and efficient workout.
  9. Apollo Pro XL Indoor Rower

    Apollo Pro XL Indoor Rower

    Apollo Pro XL is not only visually stunning, this commercial grade indoor rower performs spectacularly. Constructed with a robust steel frame wrapped in American Ash wood, Apollo Pro XL indoor rower ensures product integrity as well as luxurious style. Created with user satisfaction in mind, Apollo Pro XL indoor rower delivers data accuracy and user convenience through Fluid Force auto-level adjust technology that automatically correlates the tank resistance level with the Bluetooth console resistance. Guaranteed to keep you fit, this indoor rower is partnered with FDF’s extra-large tank offering a massive resistance range with 65% greater Fluid Force than standard Horizontal models.


    The Cambridge Challenge Adjustable Resistance Rower makes ingenious use of the unique physical properties of water. Just as a wave can be anything from a gentle ripple to a raging ocean surf, so the Cambridge Challenge A/R Rower instantly adapts from a light warm-up to a fierce Workout, by adjusting the resistance level. That's because with water, the harder you exercise, the tougher it gets. Ask any rower! Cambridge Challenge A/R Rower has been developed in collaboration with professional rowers to deliver the feel, sight and sound of real on-water rowing. The multiple chamber, ribbed tank internals provide natural 'catch' at the start of the stroke, and the most smooth and consistent resistance you will find on any rowing ergometer. The water level is easily varied through the adjustable resistance system to change the overall resistance profile to perfectly suit every user. If you have any questions regarding this item please give us a call at (800)355-2956. Features: - Improved pulley system greatly increases the resistance, tension, and recoil action. - Applies fluid resistance technology: Water - nature's perfect resistance. More resistance than most single resistance level competitors. - Ergonomic handle: Designed to prevent strain on the arms, wrists, and hands. - Built-in transit wheels: Built to be light and easy to move around. Stores in just 21" x 20". - Super comfortable seat that rides on precision bearings and rollers for absolute smoothness. - Highest quality anodized aluminum seat rail for smoothness, appearance, strength, and durability. - No dead spots: Our rowers offer instant catch due to our triple-bladed impeller system. Most other rowers have dead spots which greatly impede on the stroke and flow on a workout. - Simple assembly and virtually maintenance free. - Computer displays: Time, distance, 500m split time, strokes per minute, calories per hour, watts, interval training, and optional heart rate reception. - Durable belt drive: Smooth, clean, quiet (no whirring noises), and built to last. - Solid construction makes this perfect for home gym applications. - Footboard offers a unique heel support system. Instantly adjusts to foot size. You can row in trainers, sneakers, socks, or bare feet. - Tank is made of tough polycarbonate shell with a triple-bladed stainless steel paddle. Variable water volume from 9 to 17 liters. This is built to last. - Length: 1975mm (77.8"), Width: 530mm (20.9"), Height: 510mm (20.1"). - Maximum user weight: 136kg (300lbs).

Items 1 to 10 of 27 total

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