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LIFESPAN E5i Commercial Elliptical Trainer

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New to the LifeSpan commercial line, the E5i Elliptical Trainer delivers a superior cardiovascular experience. The E5i is built with high-quality commercial-grade components including, sturdy double rollers set on twin rails, a durable mechanism and drive system. Plus, it’s all backed with a commercial warranty.
Best of all, the E5i commercial elliptical runs entirely off of self-generated power. Meaning, you don’t need to worry about placing it near an outlet or having cords clutter your floor space.

This elliptical features heavy resistance, making it ideal for fitness lovers and experienced athletes. Start off with Level 1 and continue to push yourself by advancing the resistance up to Level 20. Whether you are looking for a professional elliptical machine for your gym or commercial facility, the LifeSpan E5i is a perfect fit.

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